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If you have some previous debts which are unpaid and you get a notice in your mail from the credit collection service which is also known as (CCS) then you will be able to use the company’s online payment service in terms to complete your due payment at www.CCSPayment.com. 

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You will get three different options in terms of paying your bill with the help of the official website of pay ccs online and also with the help of mail and your mobile phone as well. One of the most reliable and convenient options is the online payment which was preferred by lots of people.

So, if you want to know about this option in terms of completion of the payment then must read this article till the end. This article will help you to know all the possible methods. 

CCSPayment Online Bill Pay at www CCSPayment com

Before we start the process of CCSPayment Online Bill Pay, you are required to have your ccspayment notice in your hand because it will have all the information which is required for the completion of the ccs payment

  • Visit CCSPayment com

You need to open the official website of CCSPayment online bill pay which is available at www.ccspayment.com. Then, on the website, you will see a blue sign-in button which is available at the center of the website under the “Thank You for Visiting Our Self-Service Website” section.

You need to make click on the blue sign-in button. Then, you need to enter the 11-digit code which is available at the top right side or either at the bottom of the notice. 

  • Click the Blue Continue Button

Now, you are required to enter the 5-digit pin which you will get at the top right side or either at the bottom of the notice. 

  • Click on the Blue Continue Button

Now, again you need to make click on the blue continue button where www.CCSPayment.com website will gather all the information of the client file which has owed debt. If you are the one who owes the debt then you are required to click on the blue Agree button. 

Now, in the next step, you will see the information of the creditor along with the outstanding debt on the display. You will get an option to pay the outstanding debt on the ccspayment website with the help of a credit card or also with the help of an electronic debit by simply checking your account. 

When you pay the complete debt of your account then it will show you that the debt has been satisfied and your account gets closed. You will not get any notifications or mail from the credit collection services. 

Pay By Phone

You need to know that the customer can be able to submit a payment or also be able to speak or connect with the customer support agent by using or making a call with the help of their phone number. 

  • Call: 1-617-581-1083
  • Monday-Friday: 8 AM – 8 PM EST
  • Saturday: 9 AM – 5:30 PM EST

Pay By Mail

You need to pay a check along with the payment stud portion which is available on the notice you get to the ccspayment mailing address which we are sharing below. Also, the check doesn’t have the debt of the client. 

Credit Collection Services

  • 725 Canton Street
  • Norwood, MA 02062
  • Fax 1-617-658-5714

Also, it will include all the notices in terms to avoid any type of delay. 

CCSPayment com Details

Basically, the credit collection service is one of the third-party bill collection services which will collect the payment from the debtors for its clients. Also, they will get their online portals as one of the options for their customers in the process to send the online payment to them. 

Also, the website is completely free to use, and also it is one of the safe and most secure online payment portals. 

Apart from that, this company was introduced in the year 1969 and was founded by Delaware. Also, their headquarters is located in Norwood, MA. It is one of the highly recognized collection companies. 

FAQs on www.CCSPayment.com

  • What Forms of Payment Does CCS Accept?

You are required to understand that the CCS accepts payment by several methods you can use a check, money order, or credit card, or also you can pay out the CCS payment by debit card as well. 

  • What Should I Do If I’m Having Trouble Logging Into The Website “www CCSPayment com”?

The CCS can easily be able to work with you properly to create a payment plan and if you are willing to know more about it then you have to simply contact their customer support team by using their customer support number. 

  • If I Use The Website, Is My Information Safe?

The CCS will not share your personal details with anyone who doesn’t belong to the company or the vendor and in this condition, your details are absolutely safe. 

  • What If I Don’t Agree With The Debt?

You can easily make direct contact with the CCS on their contact number which is 1-888-212-80-10 for any of the debt and make a contact with the real creditor for more information. 

  • What Is Credit Collection Services (CCS) and How Does It Work?

Credit collection service is mainly known as CCS which is one of the debt collection films and they appear as the collection account on the record of your credit. Generally, it will happen when you don’t pay out your payment on time and if you are having a collection on your credit record then it will become so harmful to your credit score. 

  • Is Collection Services (CCS) A Popular Collection Company?

Yes, they are one of the medium size collection companies which are situated in the United States of America. This company was introduced in 1969 in Delaware and at present, it is based in Norwood, MA and they mainly reached 725 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062.

Also, the collection service has a huge range of debt collection services which mainly suit the variety of company requirements and debt recovery, contingent collection, judgment collection, and settlement negotiation which are the major services offered by the company. 

  • Is Credit Collection Services Payment Portal Genuine or A Scam?

The payment gateway of this credit collection service is mainly known as CCSPayment is legitimate and before making any type of payment, you are required to be certain that the debt is yours if the debt is not yours and shown in your credit report then you are required to simply file a dispute and simply get it removed from your account by the professional assistance. 

  • Should I Try To Work Out a Settlement or Pay Collection Services (CCS)?

You need to know that settlement may affect your credit score and when any of the collection of accounts posted on your credit report has an adverse effect on your credit score for the seven years and it doesn’t matter whether you make the payment later or not. Also, you will get the options and credit Cadabra which will contest the collection by the CCS in a successful manner. The other agencies are on the behalf of thousands of people in the country. 

  • Is It Possible To Delete Collection Services (CCS) Accounts?

Credit Cadabra is mainly specialized to challenge collection services and they are so similar to the business that they represent hundreds of customers in the country successfully. 

  • How to Make A Payment To The Commercial Division of Credit Collection Services?

You can simply try to make the payment to the commercial section of the credit collection service with the help of the official website of CCSPayment. 

  • How to Make A Payment To The Customer Division of Credit Collection Services?

You can easily make the payment to the customer section of the credit collection agencies where you have to simply visit their official website. 

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