OnePlus Zen Space App Gets New Improvements With May 2023 Update

In exciting news for OnePlus users, the company’s Zen Mode app just got a big update in May 2023. The update comes with lots of new improvements. Let’s look at what these changes mean.

First off, what is Zen Mode? It’s a helpful tool on OnePlus phones that encourages users to take a break from their screens. It mutes notifications and restricts app usage for a set time, allowing you to relax and unwind without interruptions.

Now, with the new update, Zen Mode gets even better. The company shared the details of the update on its website. According to the information, several new features have been added to Zen Mode.

The first big change is in the app’s design. The look of Zen Mode is now cleaner and more straightforward. This means it’s easier to use and understand. The new design is meant to give users a more enjoyable experience.

OnePlus Zen Space App Gets New Improvements With May 2023 Update

OnePlus Zen Space App

The update also brings more options for users. Previously, Zen Mode could be set for 20, 30, 40, or 60 minutes. Now, users can choose any length of time between 1 to 120 minutes. This gives you more control over how long you want to take a break for.

There are also new themes available in Zen Mode. Themes can make the app more personal and fun to use. Plus, these themes come with different sounds to help you relax.

Another interesting addition is the “multi-person Zen Mode”. This lets you invite friends to join you in taking a break. It’s a fun way to spend time with others without being glued to your screens.

Finally, the update has improved the way Zen Mode works with other OnePlus apps. For example, if you’re using Zen Mode and want to use the camera, you won’t be stopped from doing so. This is a nice touch, making the app more flexible.

It’s important to note that updates like these usually roll out in stages. This means not everyone will get the update at the same time. But don’t worry, it will reach all OnePlus users soon.

OnePlus is a company that listens to its users. These updates to Zen Mode show that they are always working to make their apps better and more useful. For people who are already fans of Zen Mode, these improvements are sure to make the app even more enjoyable.

In conclusion, the latest update to Zen Mode is packed with exciting changes. From a new design to more time options and themes, there’s a lot to look forward to. So, get ready to take a break and relax with Zen Mode!

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